Lazy Susans have been in existence for more than 300 years, and since that time, the functions of the turntable has expanded into different areas of our lives. First crafted as a means of sharing meals, the Lazy Susan is the ideal item for solving storage your problems.

lazy susans

Although tagged “lazy,” the Lazy Susan is anything but that. It is a hardy and handy item that can be utilized in multiple ways. And some of the ways to use a Lazy Susan include:

  • Storing Spices

For the connoisseur of fine dining and gourmet cooking, the Lazy Susan can help give your kitchen a clean and organized look. Rather than the inconvenience of reaching into the cupboard to get the spices that you need, it is simpler to spin the Lazy Susan to pick what you need. Doing this will make cooking a whole lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

  • Baking Items

The unique shape of a Lazy Susan makes it easy to select a lot of different items and place them in a group. And this could mean your baking ingredients which are easier to find without leaving you scatterbrained. That way, when it’s time to bake, everything you need from baking powder to vanilla extracts is in one place.

  • Fridge Organization

There is no better way to keep a fridge looking tiny than with a Lazy Susan. You can group Food Items according to their use and make them easier to retrieve without messing up the contents of your fridge.

  • Utensils

Another way to use a Lazy Susan is to store Utensils and other kitchen items. However, before you do this, it is necessary to first install hooks into the Lazy Susan, which allows you to hang utensils such as ladles, spoons and egg whisks.

  • Arts and Craft

If you are one of those with a creative side, then a Lazy Susan can be used to store your craft items properly. Paint brushes, pencils, needles and pins are some of the accessories that you can store in a Lazy Susan for your convenience.

  • Medical Supplies

If you have a lot of medication, then a Lazy Susan is the ideal item to keep the medicine cabinet in your home organized. Supplements and vitamins can be kept in one group, while essential medication and painkillers can be stored in another.

  • The Kitchen Sink Area

These days, storage space is at a premium, and it is essential to make do with what is available. Which brings us to your kitchen sink area. Under your kitchen sink is functional storage space. This space can be used to store a variety of items with the aid of a Lazy Susan. Some of the things that can be stored in this area include kitchen cleaning supplies as well as home tools.

  • Dining Table

The Lazy Susan can be used in its original form. That is, to store food and pass around. Installing a rotating Lazy a Susan is an ideal way to ensure food never gets passed around the table again.

  • In the Bathroom

If there is one place in the home that needs to be kept clean and tidy then its the bathroom. A Lazy Susan is handy in the bathroom because it can be used to store hair and other bathing products with ease. By doing this, you will also be saving much-needed space.

  • Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are typically small. For you to prevent clips and detergents from spilling all over the place, it is necessary to use a Lazy Susan, which gives you access to the items you need to do your laundry.   

  • Living Room

The living room is one of the most lived-in spaces in your home. More often than not, visitors are entertained in the living room. A Lazy Susan can be used to store all the remote controllers, rather than having them strewn all over the place and leaving your home looking unkempt.

  • The Bedroom

You can use a Lazy Susan to store your makeup and other moisturizing products. Little, hard to find items, like earrings and wedding bands can also be kept on the Lazy Susan for safe storage.

  • As a Shoe Rack

Not done with the bedroom, you can find multiple-storied Lazy Susans which are ideal for storing footwear. This gives you immediate access to your shoes while keeping your bedroom looking tidy and organized.

  • Outdoor events

The Lazy Susan is handy for outdoor activities such as BBQ, catering events and picnics. They can be used to bring a semblance of order to outdoor events, helping you to store utensils or condiments while creating space on the table for storing and serving food

  • Gardening Supplies

Just the same way a Lazy Susan is used for crafting, its application also extends to gardening. Essential items like seeds can be stored in the Lazy Susan. Furthermore, small gardening tools can be conveniently kept inside a Lazy Susan and prevent them from getting misplaced.

  • In the Garage

A toolbox is handy for storing tools in the garage. But little knickknacks like bolts and screws can be stored using the Lazy Susan. Doing this will prevent your garage from looking messy. It will also give you more space to work within the garage. It will also make it harder for your kids or pet to pick such items off the floor and ingesting them, which could be dangerous to their health.  

Final Thoughts

Lazy Susan is fast becoming an essential item in our homes. Its uses encompass not only the kitchen but other areas of the house. Today, it is not unusual to find “Susan” in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and even outdoors. The office is one more territory where you can find our hardworking Lazy Susan.

It is handy equipment for storing a wide variety of items which otherwise will get lost or stolen. Lazy Susan is made out of different materials including metal and plastic, although its most common form is wood. No matter the make, its uses remain the same; and that is to store essential items and save much-needed space.

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