How to adjust lazy susan hinges?

Apart from lazy Susan cabinet helping in space utilization and items organization, closing its door helps in keeping stored items safe and secure. However, the lazy Susan door hinges may loosen, forcing the cabinet door to tilt thus leaving a gap. Besides, loose hinges may also affect the door’s smooth closing and opening. To rectify such malfunctions, you need to adjust the loosened hinges. Adjusting the lazy Susan hinges is relatively easy if you a guidelines to follow. Consequently, this article will provide you with the guidelines to help you adjust lazy Susan hinges for your cabinet.

Chapter 1: Tools required while adjusting lazy Susan hinges

Since the process only involves tightening and loosening screws securing the lazy Susan hinges, the only tool required is a screwdriver.

Chapter 2: Steps of adjusting lazy Susan hinges

Step 1: Check the direction that the lazy Susan cabinet door needs to be adjusted towards

For you to identify the direction that the cabinet door needs to be moved to, you need to close it and check if it is in line with the neighboring cabinet doors. Comparatively, it can either be too low or too high from the neighboring cabinet doors. Similarly, you also need to check if it is either overlapping or leaving a gap. If so, then the door requires to be adjusted.

Step 2: Adjust the lazy Susan hinges vertically

In this step, you first need to widely open the cabinet door so as to gain access to the hinges. Consequently, loosen the bottom and the top screws, and then push the door accordingly, either downwards or upwards. However, you may need to support the cabinet door as you loosen the screws to prevent it from completely dropping from its initial position. Afterwards, firmly tighten the screws and close the door to check the progress.

Step 3: Adjust the lazy Susan hinges in or out

Similarly, in this step you need to loosen the screw that prevents the hinge from moving, and push the door either further in or out. However, the hinges should be adjusted one at a time to prevent the door from pulling itself far out of adjustment due to its heavy weight. However, the door should always be supported during this adjustment.

Step 4: Adjust the lazy Susan hinges to move the door towards or away from the frame

By tightening the screw shown in the image below, the nearby door corner will move towards the frame while loosening it will result to the moving away from the frame. The adjustment is used to rectify a cabinet door that does not hang straight.

In conclusion

Adjusting Amazon lazy Susan hinges is relatively easy. However, it helps in amending the cabinet door, making it more effective. Elimination of a door gap is one of the problems solved by lazy Susan hinges adjustments, thus making the items stored in a lazy Susan cabinet more secure. In case you want to amend your lazy Susan hinges, you can consider using the guideline given above.

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