How to Fix a Lazy Suzan Corner Cabinet-Experts’ Ways You Can’t Help But Love

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You want to have the best of your cabinet experience.

But, every time you think you’ve got it, there is that enemy.

That battling with how to keep your Lazy Suzan corner cabinet well-fixed {Beautifully and Comfortably set}

Well, you’re not alone.

We hear from you.

See, here at Roche Industry, we’ve put our hearts and efforts to help you.

To show you how to fix it.

Our Philosophy?

Simple: To help you enjoy time with your Suzan Princess {The cabinet your heart loves}

The good news?

In this article, you’ll find the coolest ways to cure your Lazy Suzan Cabinet fixing problems.


Let’s get started:

Fixing Corner Cabinets is like a war.

There are many Guides flooding the internet, but here’s what makes this one Top-Notch:

We’ve been there too.

Yes, we’ve tried those other ways and lost the war.

Fortunately for you: We bring you ways we’ve personally used, successfully fixed more than one Suzan Corner Cabinets {And life is sweet with Suzan Cabinets over here as we speak}

So, can you see why this is your best shot?

 Well enjoy, will you?

There are two identical twins when it comes to corner cabinets.

But the stubborn one is the Lazy Suzan cabinet.

Suzan has two doors- attached to circular shelves inside.

To open this cabinet, you push the doors- then they recede into the cabinet to expose its shelves.

But, where does the really disturbing problem come from?

 Well, this is very important for you to know.


Because without knowledge of the sickness there can’t be a true diagnosis could there?


So this is where the problem starts:

When the bottom shelf slips down, the other doors get stuck on the frame.

Why does this happen?

Because the Lazy Suzan cabinet is made of wooden grids that rattle and loosen.

Or its sides pull loose from its wall.

Before we go far, here’s a ranking video to help you assembly your Lazy Suzan once you have her:

Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Assembly – YouTube

So, how do you really fix it?

Here’s how:

As you can see above, its looks amazing right?

Yep, here’s your DIY {Do it yourself Process}

You religiously have to follow these steps:

  1. Lift your cabinet doors slowly, push and allow them to recede as they expose shelves.
  2. Loosen your screw sets precisely on the vertical steel located in the middle {Its just above the shelf}
  3. Using a Philips screwdriver- Check out if the vertical steel post in the middle drops automatically.

If it resists dropping automatically, Push it from one side to the other whilst you’re pulling it {Do this until it loosens, when it does pull it up  about ¼ inches}

The super Lazy Suzan Cabinet Positioning process:

So before you continue fixing your Lazy Suzan Cabinet, you better make sure you know how to do it like an expert.

This is precisely why you’re here right?

Well, if you’re using two base cabinets {I’m talking about the standard base cabinets} install them in pairs by ensuring they precisely meet.

Secondly, Inserting shims.

You do it this way:

Shims are inserted under the ends that are exposed.

Do this until the cabinet is flush with the horizontal line and measures ¼ inches.

Insert tapered shims by keeping a standard level across the top, do this from front to back and the face of your cabinet.

Then, shim under the edges you see {The exposed edges}-This is to raise the back of the cabinet to the line.

Lastly, shim under the front to level. Make sure to level the cabinet front from side to side then back to front.

Lazy Suzan Cabinet top edges clamping.

Why is this important?

Because Lazy Suzan’s cabinet face frame does overhang the base by about ¼ inches.

This way, you need to insert a shim measuring ¼ inches between the back edges and those near the back end.

Do this by keeping a space measuring ¼ inches.

Attaching Lazy Suzan’s Cabinet to the Wall.

Well, this time, you need screws measuring 3 inches each.

Screw them through your mounting rail at each location.

How exactly do you do it?

Here’s how:

First- Drill your clearance holes.

When done, make sure you don’t drive your screws tight at this time.


Because you still need to spend good time in shimming your cabinet’s rightly and firmly.

Then what?

Well, the part to have your Lazy Suzan amazing fixed is by making sure you:

Inspecting the Lazy Suzan Cabinet again to ensure all levels are aligned Properly.

After you’ve followed the above steps respectfully, it’s time to review your work.

See if the plumb and levelling in all corners are properly aligned.

How do you do it?

Using your installation screw, back out by inserting a permanent shim at the back of your cabinet.

The idea here is to make sure at each stud point, there’s proper aligning.

Then, reinstall the screw –This is to make sure you’ve secured the cabinet whilst keeping its shim in place.

Well, remember I said fixing a lazy Suzan is a battle?

This point is where the war is.

The corner needs to be perfectly fixed, which means a lot of time is needed to see this tremendously achieved {So take as many time at this point as possible}


Because according to Cabinets fixing experts –this is the most part where proper installation of your cabinet depends on.

  Adjusting  Hinges Vertically

This step is to make sure your cabinet is well-set and adjusted.

Open your cabinet widely to gain access to the hinges.

Then loosen the screws on the bottom and top ends.

Push the door carefully, you can push it down or upwards.

However, make sure the cabinet is supported during this process. Why?

Because without supporting it, the cabinet will drop back to its initial position.

When done, firmly tighten every screw before closing the doors {And remember to recheck the produce to confirm proper fixation}

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