How to Install a Lazy Susan Base Cabinet from Home Depot

Home Depot is a household name when it comes to making useful cabinets. The lazy Susan cabinet is one of the most versatile products from American classics.  Installing this type of cabinet is easy; all you need is the right instructions and tools.

What exactly is a lazy Susan cabinet? A lazy susan cabinet is simply a rotating tray that is usually placed on the counter to help with supplying items such as spices, sugar, and more. In the kitchen, this type of cabinet saves you the headache of having to go through various containers to find what you are looking for.

Is installing a lazy Susan cabinet something you can do yourself? This article has listed some benefits of this cabinet and how to install it easily at home. Continue reading…

 Why should you install a lazy Susan cabinet?

 Here are the benefits of installing a lazy Susan cabinet:

1. Easily accessible

The lazy Susan cabinet comes with a lot of flexibility.   You can place it inside a cabinet or let it rest on a counter. The utensils that you frequently use are easily accessible. The lazy Susan can even be labeled so that it is easier for every family member to know what goes where.

2. Convenience

Most people install a lazy Susan cabinet because of the excellent convenience it offers. The ordinary cabinets are usually built into the kitchen corner. They are often dark, and accessing utensils becomes an uphill task. Some appliances disappear in the long run. Fortunately, the lazy Susan cabinet allows you to access your appliances even most importantly is the fact that you can store all types of appliances without having to worry about breakage.

This in return saves you the much time wasted dipping your hand in darkness in search of the kitchen items you would wish to use. The cabinet rotates, and in just a blink of an eye, you can locate whatever you need.

3. More than enough storage space

The reality remains that most people with corner cabinets are unable to make use of all the available space, citing the depth of such cabinets.

The lazy Susan cabinet lets you make use of every single space because all you have to do is slightly rotate it, and each item you need gets to you.

This type of cabinet allows you to make use every single storage space you put your eyes on. Additionally, this allows you to stay organized always.

 Should you install the cabinet yourself?

As you can see, there are so many benefits of installing a lazy Susan in your home. Installing such a cabinet is not as complicated as most people assume. We have listed some steps to follow when installing the cabinet to help you save a few coins that can go into hiring a professional installer. But before we get into that, here is what you need to know about installing a lazy Susan:

  • The trays and the pole hardware have to be in the cabinet, remember it is not easy to get a big lazy Susan tray as your cabinets.
  • The lazy Susan is always installed inside the cabinets, and you will need an extremely flexible pole so that the trays slide effortlessly onto the pole.
  • The pole has to be installed to its level to allow smooth rotating of the trays.
  • Both the tray and the pole need to be adequately secured to hold the weight of the items you intend to place over.

  Here are steps on how to install a lazy Susan at home:

 Step 1

 Determine the size of your lazy Susan by measuring the base cabinet using a tape measure. Again, measure from the floor where you will place the cabinet and make visible markings on the specific wall.  For the sake of proper understanding, let’s use 34.5 inches as our dimensions.

 Step 2

Cut a two by four wood into two equal pieces; this makes each peace 1 inch less than the width of the side of your lazy Susan cabinet.

 Step 3

Using the stud finder, pass it on the wall at the 34.5 inches mark that you made. Make markings using the pencils the locations of the studs on your wall.

 Step 4

Properly secure the two pieces of 2 by 4 to the wall. The wood should be lined up well so that it lies below the 34.5 inches mark you made on the wall. To help you place the woods straight, set a level over. The next step is to secure it to the studs by using a drill and cabinet screws.

 Step 5

Gently push your lazy susan cabinet into the wall, so it is in flush with the two by four wood brace. To ensure it happens seamlessly, use a level across the top from the front to the back and on the front of the cabinet as you insert tampered shims. Shimming under the exposed edges helps raise the back of the line, and shimming under the front helps level the front from side to side and back to the front.

 Step 6

 Secure your cabinet using the drill and screws to the wood brace on the wall. You need to place at least three screws at equal distances on both sides of the lazy Susan cabinet.


As you can already see from the above instructions, installing a lazy Susan is not as complicated as you may have thought. The trick is spending more time getting the corner right; you need to understand that the correct installation of the lazy cabinet depends on it.

There are several options available for your home base corner cabinet. However, the lazy Susan is more preferred among many homes.  The newer designs come with a lot of functionality. Choosing the perfect lazy Susan cabinet from home depot will all depend on the items you would love to store in the corner cabinet. There is a solution for every need.

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