How to install lazy Susan cabinet?

In the modern world, lazy Susan cabinets are vital in many homes as they enable people to utilize your cabinet space fully. For instance, with a lazy Susan cabinet, you can store and access items stored at the blind corners, upper or lower parts of the cabinet. This happens because Lazy Susans can rotate, thus bringing the items closer to the door for easy access.

Also, a lazy Susan helps you to keep your cabinet well organized. However, it might be a little bit complex for some individuals to install a lazy Susan cabinet. However, a lazy Susan base cabinet is the most preferred type. Therefore, if you want to install one in your house, you can use the following guidelines.

Installing a lazy Susan base cabinet is relatively easy. While installing one, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Using a tape measure, determine the size of your lazy Susan base cabinet. Consequently, make similar measurements from the floor where you would like your cabinet to be, and make some marks on the wall.

Step 2

Secondly, cut a section of wood into two pieces depending on the size of your cabinet. Each piece should be 1 inch lesser than the Lazy Susan cabinet’s width of each side.

Step 3

In this step, you should pass a stud finder along the wall around the marks made in step one. Using a pencil, mark the exact locations where the studs will be fitted.

Step 4

Subsequently, you are supposed to secure to the wall, the two wood pieces made in step two. Besides, ensure they are well lined up below the marks made on the wall in step one. The wood should be placed straight. Thus you should use a level to achieve that. Use cabinet screws and a drill to attach it to the studs.

Step 5

The lazy Susan cabinet should then be pushed to the wall to ensure that it is at the same level with wood brace previously placed on the wall. To ensure that the cabinet is straight, you should use a level. However, shims can be used to correct the cabinet if it is not level.

Step 6

Finally, the cabinet should be secured to the wood brace attached on the wall previously.  A drill and cabinet screws should be used to ensure that the Lazy Susan cabinet is firmly attached. However, at least three screws should be used, at equal intervals on every side of the cabinet.

In conclusion

Lazy Susan Base Cabinets are common in many homes. However, at times, it might be relatively challenging to find an excellent technician to help you install these products perfectly. Also, it might be relatively expensive. Therefore, if you want to fix a base laying lazy Susan in your house, you can consider using the guide provided above. Consequently, it might be more convenient since you will do it to your satisfaction, and no extra cost will be required.

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