How to install lazy Susan hinges?

Hinges are essential in a cabinet because they enable the door to open and close freely. There are various types of door hinges such as outside wrap-around hinge, reverse hinge, and inlay hinge. Also, there is a self-closing door hinge that is commonly used in lazy Susan kitchen cabinet doors. It helps in keeping the kitchen cabinet doors closed. However, installing any of these lazy Susan hinges can be relatively complex for individuals who do not know how to do it. If you want to install lazy Susan door hinges, consider using the guidelines given below.  

Chapter 1: Materials required while installing lazy Susan hinges

For you to successfully install lazy Susan hinges, you need various tools. Lazy Susan hinges to be installed must be available. A drill is also vital to help you make pilot holes, both on the door and on the inner side of the cabinet. Additionally, a torpedo level is essential in ensuring that the door to be installed is level. After measurements, you need a pencil to make marks. Finally, you will need a screw driver to tighten the screws.  


Chapter 2: Process of installing lazy Susan hinges

Step 1: Lining up the lazy Susan hinges

The first step involves positioning the hinges on the door. Using a pencil and maybe a straight piece of wood, make a light line on the top and the bottom side of the door where the hinges will be assembled.

Step 2: Laying lazy Susan hinges on the door

Take one of the lazy Susan hinges and position it on the marks made on the upper side of the cabinet door. Ensure it is level with the door edge and in line with the marks made previously. Subsequently, make some marks through the screw holes, and repeat the process for the bottom hinges.

Step 3: Drill the holes

By holding the drill straight, make pilot holes where the screws will be placed. The holes should be approximately half-inch and should not exceed through the door.

Step 4: Installing the lazy Susan hinges

Using a screwdriver and the screws, attach the lazy Susan hinges to the door. Confirm that the lazy Susan hinges are firmly installed.

Step 5: Installing the cabinet door to cabinet face

Lastly, lift the cabinet door to the cabinet opening and place a level on top of it. Then, adjust the door until its level. Using a screwdriver, secure the door by screwing all the holes. Check if the installation has been successful by trying to open and close the cabinet door. If necessary, make adjustments to ensure the door is firm, and freely opening and closing.

In conclusion

Attaching Amazon lazy Susan hinges is relatively easy when the procedures on how to fix it are well stated. By installing the hinges for yourself, you save time and money. Also, it is a good way of avoiding inconveniences from the technicians. If you are looking forward to installing your lazy Susan hinges, consider using the steps provided in this article.  

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