How to measure lazy Susan?

Lazy Susan products are types of rotating platforms that are used for different organization purposes. For instance, some are meant to get used in the kitchen cabinets, mostly at the corners. Consequently, there are several models of lazy Susan items used in different cabinet styles. Therefore, for them to fit in the cabinets effectively, they need to be of different sizes depending on the cabinet they are to get fitted in. Subsequently, if you are looking for a lazy Susan for your cabinet, check different ways of measuring lazy Susan on this article.

Measurement for a D-shaped lazy Susan

The D-shaped Lazy Susan items are commonly used in standard and 45-degree angle door cabinets. Therefore, you should first measure the minimum width of the cabinet as an assurance that your installation will fit. Secondly, you should measure the length within the face frame from left to right. Subsequently, you should subtract a few inches from each side as a way of ensuring a smooth spinning of the Lazy Susan. For instance, a cabinet with 24 inches diameter, you need to consider using a D-shaped Lazy Susan of 22 inches diameter. Also, you should measure the height of your cabinet to determine the perfect size for a lazy Susan.


Measurement for full round Lazy Susan. 

For the perfect square cabinets, you can use a tape measure to identify the distance between opposite walls. Conversely, you should use the width measurements for a rectangular cabinet. Then, ensure that the diameter for Lazy Susan is approximately 2 inches shorter than the interior length of the cabinet for an effective spin.

Measurement for a kidney-shaped Lazy Susan. 

In many cases, kidney-shaped lazy Susans are designed to fit in corner cabinets with unattached double folding doors. Also, its shelves should be free to rotate freely. However, if you want your kidney-shaped Lazy Susan to fit perfectly in the cabinet, the measurement from the back wall to the corner insert should be determined. Also, the widest sides should be measured from right to left. Similarly, it is essential for you to measure the cabinet height so that you can determine the height of your kidney Lazy Susan.

Measurement for a half round Lazy Susan.

Half-rounds Lazy Susan products have pivots and are directly mounted on the cabinet door to enable you gain access to the blind corner of the cabinet. Therefore, it should be of the right size for it to smoothly pivot around. Consequently, you should ensure that the cabinet opening is not smaller than the width of a lazy Susan. Additionally, the cabinet opening should also not be shorter than the dimension of front to back side of the half round lazy Susan.

In conclusion

Unquestionably, for lazy Susan cabinet shelves to glide and rotate smoothly and independently, right measurements are vital. Therefore, if you want to fix a lazy Susan in your cabinet, whether straight or 45-degree corner cabinet, use this article to learn how to make the right measurements.  

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