How to organize lazy Susan?

Cabinet organization using Lazy Susan products is essential. These Lazy Susan products will make your cabinet look attractive and help you save time while choosing which item to use for cooking at that particular time. Sometimes, it is frustrating to look for something that you are not sure of where you kept it, mostly when you are in a hurry. Therefore, if you want to organize your lazy Susan to look attractive and neat, here are some guidelines on how to do it.

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Step 1: Clear lazy Susan out

Clearing everything from your Lazy Susan is the first step to organizing it. Besides, it helps you realize the items you no longer use, thus disposing of them. For the items that have fallen behind the lazy Susan, tongs can be used to remove them.

Step 2: Reduce canned goods in lazy Susan

Canned products account for a relatively huge space in a lazy Susan. As a result, such products make your place look congested and disorganized. Also, they might lead to health issues if their lids are not tight enough. Therefore, they need to be reduced or eliminated. You can also decide to replace them with glass containers for easy organization.

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Step 3: Combine like items to organize lazy Susan storage

As a way of reducing unnecessary containers and creating space, you can consider combining similar products. For instance, you might discover you have two half-full open flour bags in your lazy Susan. By combining them, you create more space and make it easy to manage your items on lazy Susan products.

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Step 4: Choose your storage containers for lazy Susan cabinet

By having specific containers for specific items, it helps you avoid buying more things than you need. Consequently, your lazy Susan ends up being well organized, thus making it easier for you to find the item you want to use at each specific time. Additionally, it saves your time since your items are not stored clumsily within your cabinet.

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Step 5: Labeling containers for lazy Susan cabinet organizer

Labelling the packaging container becomes vital when you store your things in identical containers. Arguably, you are likely to confuse and mix up things if the containers you’re using are similar. However, that can be avoided by the use of labels. It will also save your time since it is easier to identify the container you need even if it’s stored at the corner of the cabinet. Stickers or marker pens can be used to make the labels.

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Step 6: Put items back according to lazy Susan cabinet dimensions

Lastly, you now need to put the items stored in containers back to the lazy Susan. However, you should consider coming up with a system you will be using to find the items you need more easily. For instance, you can classify and arrange them by types. Sugar and salt, among other similar stuff that are regularly used can be put in one place and at an easily accessible place. The ones that are not commonly used can be put in the middle or inside where they are less visible.

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In conclusion

If you’re concerned about your cabinets organization, think of purchasing Lazy Susan products. Consequently, an excellent organization gives you a chance to utilize available space in your lazy Susan, saves your time, and gives you an attractive and a neat look. Therefore, if you were looking for tips on how to organize your lazy Susan, consider using the ones discussed above.

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