How to Remove The Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Shelf in 6 Easy Steps

The most frustrating part of any kitchen cabinet is the blind corners. Blind corners are, unarguably, the most unused sections of your kitchen.

It is mostly a hiding place for old china and cutlery. Sometimes even vermin. Simply put, space waster!

Over the years, people have devised many blind corner cabinet options. Options that can change the same old narrative and save the kitchen from despair.

Enter the Lazy Susan cabinet organizer.

Lazy Susan Cabinet organizer

Like magic, the lazy susan became the hero of blind corners, until it did not. As you probably know already, the lazy susan in itself is full of problems.

The first one is the design challenge. Also, after a while, it does not rotate well. The plain truth is no one wants it anymore.

Now, it seems the only thing people want is how to repurpose the lazy susan. You may even be looking for cheap lazy susan replacement already.

Your mind is already made up, and there is no convincing you otherwise. The first thing is to know how to remove the lazy susan corner cabinet.

Preparing your blind corner is necessary. No matter whatever replacement you have in mind. This is very important, and that brings us to our tutorial.

How to Remove Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Shelf in 6 Easy Steps

Right now, you may be having a rethink. Pondering how a corner cabinet without lazy susan will look like. Stop it! Try to remember the reasons you want to remove it in the first place.

● Bad spinning motion

After years of use, the Lazy Susan begins to lose its spinning ability. This can either be due to rust or just because its old.

● Non-adjustable height of shelves

It is quite annoying when something gets stuck. Then you try to adjust the height of the lazy Susan and find that you cannot.

● Wasted space

Sometimes you find yourself thinking about what you can put in the cabinet. This is mostly because the lazy susan has some size specifications.

Not too large, not too big, not too much, not too heavy. Sounds familiar yet? Then what exactly?!

● Too old and hard to turn

It was passed down from grandma, and now its too old. You can even see the wood chipping off.

● Wearing down due to weight

This is the most annoying reason there is. You bought in new groceries and, you arrange them in the lazy susan. Only for you to hear a crashing sound.

You fix it alright, then turn for a second. Crash! Yeah!! that’s why you need to remove the lazy susan.

Now that you remember let’s look at six easy steps to remove the lazy Susan corner cabinet.

Lazy Susan

Step 1

The first thing is to remove everything on the Lazy Susan. This will make it easier to access the screws and nuts. It will also make sure nothing is broken.

Step 2

Being comfortable is key. Especially if you have a bad back or eyes. So you need to set the lazy Susan base up on a firm surface at a comfortable working height.

Step 3

Remove the screws from the top piece of the lazy Susan. This may be tricky, but if you installed the lazy susan yourself, then it won’t be.

Step 4

Remember that annoying base that keeps falling off? It’s time to do away with it.

Turn the base to align the large hole drilled through the base material until you find a screw. Unscrew with a screwdriver, preferably a Phillips.

You also need to rotate the base. Then remove the mounting screws as well.

Step 5

Now, turn the Lazy Susan over so you can see the top plate of the bearing. Remove the mounting screws holding the bearing to the base material with the Phillips screwdriver.

Step 6

Pull the freed bearing from the base. And there you have it. Your cabinet is finally free.

2 Helpful Tips

Tip #1. It may take some force to remove the old Lazy Susan from the cabinet.

Tip #2. Getting the right tools in place will make it easier to remove the Lazy Susan.

4 Cheap Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan Alternative to Try Out

Letting go is not easy. Especially if your kitchen is old and with a lot of memories. But you have no choice. Out with the old, in with the new.

Here is a reward for not being too sentimental with your old lazy susan. We searched far and wide for cheaper corner cabinet options.

And we found four awesome ideas you can try out in your kitchen today. Besides, who needs a Lazy Susan anyway, we’ve got these!

1. Glideware Not-so-Lazy Susan Pot & Pan Organizer

Glideware Not-so-Lazy Susan

This simple, but classic solution is a great idea for your kitchen cabinet. With a bottom shelf perfect for large pots and pans, your storage problem is over.

This cabinet organizer uses adjustable hanging hooks to help store your pots. It is made ready-to-go, so you do not have to worry so much about installation.

2. Super Susan

Super Susan

Yes, you read that right. The super Susan is a modification of the lazy Susan, without the pole.

The removal of the pole allows you to store much larger items. You still have the spinning motion of the lazy Susan. With this accessory, you can now enjoy more space from your cabinets.

3. Adjustable Height Shelves

Adjustable Height Shelves

This is also a very effective alternative solution. Almost all base corner cabinets come with one standard shelf. You can use this to your advantage.

How? Just add more shelves and that’s it. More space and its accessible too.

Another thing is you can also convert lazy Susan to shelves.

4. Corner Recycle Centre

Corner Recycle Centre

Crazy right? But it is cheap and will do the trick. It is a different and very interesting option for your corner cabinet.

You can use it to hold recyclables. It is perfect if you need to store cans, bottles, paper, and others.


Now that you know how to remove lazy susan corner cabinet, get to work. Remember that there are a lot of cheap lazy susan replacements.

So, make light up your blind cabinet corners with these options.

Good luck!

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