Lazy Susan Buying Guide

Are you planning to buy Lazy Susan? Maybe you have just heard of it and you think that you should own it?  It is vital that you get to know critical details about it before making that major purchasing decision. With the right information, there is a high chance that you will end up buying high quality Lazy Susan. In this article, we are going to highlight everything that you need to know about   Lazy Susan.

What is Lazy Susan?

wood lazy susan


Lazy Susan is a turntable or a revolving tray that is placed on the table that is placed on a countertop or a table so that it assists in the distribution of food and condiment.

Usually, Lazy Susans are circular in shape and are made of different materials. These materials are wood, plastic and glass.

They are usually positioned at the center of the table.

History of Lazy Susan

Where did lazy Susan come from? Why is it called Lazy Susan? These are just some of the questions that you may be having about Lazy Susan. To answer the appropriately, let’s go down the memory lane and have a brief look at the history of Lazy Susan.

There are many myths and mysteries surrounding the origin of  Lazy Susan.

One myth states that sloth going by the name Susan inspired the galaxy whose servers were twilighting.

Another myth suggests that  Lazy Susan was an invention that was created by Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Edison. They invented it because of their lazy daughters.

Although most people assume that Lazy Susan is 1950s invention, the truth of the matter is the device’s history is traced back to the 18th century. In fact, people in England used to call it as a dumbwaiter.

Just from the name, you can tell why it is known as lazy.

During the time of invention, the supply of household servants was on a  downward trend. Due to the low supply of servants, footmen were relied on to deliver condiments to people on the table.

Lazy Susan was invented to be a solution to this problem. It became an alternative to the household servants.In a 1917 Vanity Fair magazine,  Lazy Susan was described as “the “smartest waitress in the world.”

Since 1920,  Lazy Susan became a signature item in most parties. It enabled guests to serve themselves without calling for houselhold help. The only thing that people needed was a table and they would put a large  Lazy Susan on it.

 The popularity of  Lazy Susan skyrocketed since 1950s. People came up with more creative designs of these turntables. In fact, their scope of applications spread beyond parties.

Creative Uses of Lazy Susan

lazy susan

What can I do with lazy Susan?

Lazy Susan is not just your part companion. There are several ways of putting it into proper use.

Here are some of the most creative ways of using  Lazy Susan hardware.

1. Put it at the center of the dining table for an optimum dining experience

lazy susans

You can put the  Lazy Susan at the center of the table especially if you want to optimize your dining experience.

A large  Lazy Susan will turn out to be one of the most efficient household servers that you will have. You won’t have to disturb other people on the table with the questions of “pass me this.” Instead, everything will be within your reach.

 You only need to pull all the condiments on this gorgeous hardware.

To make things better, you can buy a hand painted  Lazy Susan turntable. Get something that will look good on the dining table and your family mealtime will never be the same.

2. Put Lazy Susan on kitchen cabinet

Do you know that a Lazy Susan corner cabinet can effectively perform a storage function? A  large  Lazy Susan can be used to store and organize your utensils. On the other hand, a small  Lazy Susan can be used for organizing spices, oils and other ingredients that are necessary for your cooking process.

As a kitchen hardware,  Lazy Susan keeps your kitchen cabinet organized and improves your access to different items in the cabinet. Buy a quality  Lazy Susan and you will experience the results instantly.

This explains why  Lazy Susan is always rated among the best kitchen organizing products.

Apart from the cabinet, you can use a durable Lazy Susan to keep your fridge organized. Simply keep it inside the fridge and store different food items on it

3.Cocktail Station

You can transform your  Lazy Susan into a bar or beverage station. Simply cluster the hardware with some bottles of brandy or even coffee. Do you love wine? A 30-inch Lazy Susan can help to keep your wines organized.

4.Lazy Susan for desktop and storage

You can use Lazy Susan as  a storage hardware on your work desk. It can be used for storage of pens, business cards, erasers, paper clips among others.

At home, you can use a target Lazy Susan to store perfume, makeup kit, and other jewelry.

5.Outdoor kitchen hardware

Let’s say you are doing outdoor catering and you still want to stay organized. A 24-inch tabletop Lazy Susan can help you be organized by keeping your ingredients and condiments in order.

You won’t have to fumble picking your ingredients from different places. Instead, all of them will be organized in one place.

These are not the only uses of Lazy Susan. There are many other ways of putting this hardware into proper use.

Things to Look for When Buying a Lazy Susan

Now you have made up your mind to buy a quality Lazy Susan, what are some of the things that you should look for?

After all, you cannot just buy any Lazy Susan online. Instead, you would like to buy something that will fully satisfy your needs.

Here are the main factors that you should consider when buying Lazy Susan:


It is important to look at the diameter of Lazy Susan  before you decide whether to buy it or not.

This is because the diameter determines the actual size of the Lazy Susan.

Whether you want to buy a large lazy Susan or a smaller one, you will have to look at the length of their diameters.

Usually, the diameters of lazy Susan fall between 12” and 36”. However, you can also find the ones that are larger than 36”.

So, what is the best size of Lazy Susan? There is no ideal size, you only need to assess your personal needs then you will end up choosing the best Lazy Susan.

2.Table size

The size of the Lazy Susan should perfectly match the size and shape of the table.

The Lazy Susan should perfectly fit on the table.

Apart from the table size, you should also consider the shape of the table.

Will the rotating tray look good on any table?

3.Size of the plate

This is an important factor to consider especially if you are planning to buy Lazy Susan for special occasions.

By knowing the correct size of the plate, you will actually know the amount of space that will be in the middle of the table for the rotating tray.

4.Lazy Susan material

It is impossible to ignore the material that has been used to make this hardware. There are different types of materials that are used to make Lazy Susan. The most common materials are wood, polymer, glass, and even wire.

You should take note that each material has a unique set of properties. There are also pros and cons of each Lazy Susan material.

Before you buy a wood Lazy Susan or a glass lazy Susan, take your time to analyze what you stand to gain from them.

Ensure that the material of the Lazy Susan will create a perfect match with your table.

5.Lazy Susan Styles

By styles, we refer to the actual looks, shapes, and appearance of the  Lazy Susan. You need to choose a Lazy Susan that will be physically attractive to your eyes.

Different Lazy Susan styles are ideal for different places. Some styles are ideal for the dining table while others look perfect in the kitchen cabinet.

Some of the Lazy Susan styles that you can consider include:

Full Round Lazy Susan

Kidney shaped lazy Susan

Pie cut Lazy Susan

D-Shaped Lazy Susan

Out of these Lazy Susans, which one do you think will suit you?

Once you have come into a conclusion, you can go ahead and buy the best Lazy Susan style that will work for you.

Pros and Cons of Lazy Susan

There is no doubt that Lazy Susan seems to be an amazing product, right? But to be fair enough, we have to look at the two sides of the coins.

 No matter how good it may be, we should scrutinize its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the pros and cons of Lazy Susan.

Pros of Lazy Susan

1.Streamlines accessibility

You can access everything that is placed on the Lazy Susan without straining. If Lazy Susan is on the dining table, you will easily reach out to the condiments without having to distract other people who are sitting on the table.

2.Maximizes on the little space available

Are you using Lazy Susan for a storage solution? The product will help you to save on the little space that is available.

This is usually the case especially if you are buying a tiered Lazy Susan that has several shelves.

You can put different items on different shelves.

3.Keeps your items organized

Whether it is in the kitchen or on a table, Lazy Susan can help you stay organized.

You will be able to arrange all your items in an orderly manner.

4.Easy to use

Lazy Susans have simple and ergonomic designs. They don’t have any complex parts that require some level of expertise.

Anyone can use Lazy Susan even without having prior knowledge about it.

5.Serves as a decoration

A Lazy Susan won’t just be there for functional purpose. It can also serve as a form of decoration.

This is usually the case especially when you buy a well-decorated Lazy Susan that has an elegant design.

Everyone’s eyes will be attracted to it.

You can even make things better by buying a Lazy Susan whose style and finishing matches with your furniture.

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits? Consider buying a quality Lazy Susan that you will fully love.

Cons Lazy Susan

Here are some of the disadvantages that come with owning a Lazy Susan.

1.Difficult for irregularly shaped objects

Putting irregularly shaped objects on the Lazy Susan can prove to be a very difficult task to achieve. Some objects may not fit on this turntable plate.

2. Some Lazy Susans are expensive to maintain

There are Lazy Susans that come with fixed spindles. Washing these spindles can be a difficult and expensive affair.

3.Need to be handled with care

You need to handle a Lazy Susan with extra precaution so that its content doesn’t fall down and cause embarrassment.

This is usually the case if the Lazy Susan has more than one tier.

Lazy Susan Alternatives

If you are planning to buy a Lazy Susan, it will be clever if you compare it with other alternative products.

Look at the features of the other products then make a conclusion.

Here are some of the top alternatives to Lazy Susan:

Lazy Susan vs Super Susan

Before you buy a Lazy Susan, you may be thinking about its ideal alternatives.

One of the alternatives that you may consider is Super Susan.

Although both of them have the same name, they tend to pass different messages.

Super Susan has fixed trays and a single Lazy Susan tray which spins on the top of the tray.

This tool seems to improve the overall functionality of the Lazy Susan.

Super Susan is usually used in the kitchen cabinet.

Unlike the Lazy Susan, you can remove the pole of a super Susan so as to store larger items on it.

While doing this, you will still be able to enjoy the spinning functionality of the Lazy Susan. 

Lazy Susan vs Corner Drawers

Are you planning to use Lazy Susan for storage purposes? It will be prudent to compare it with the corner drawers.

Corner drawer provides the best alternative to fully utilize your corners. With it, you will be able to store many items in a small space that is available.

You can easily access all the items that are stored on a  corner drawer without straining.

The good thing about corner drawer is it can be easily installed into an existing kitchen cabinet.

 Lazy Susan Reviews

Now that you want to buy Lazy Susan, it will be better if you hear what other people are saying about it.

They have bought and used  Lazy Susan hence they have the first-hand experience of the product.

Here are the top reviews of  Lazy Susan:

Rotates Smoothy-James

Although I thought that the turntable will give me a headache, I was surprised to find out that it rotates smoothly. It does not wobble or even slide while rotating. These are the key features that I found interesting about the product.

It was very easy to use the  Lazy Susan. In fact, I didn’t even have to install it.  I bought two of them and so far so good.

2.A great hardware for my interior cabinet-Joseph

When I was planning to spruce my interior cabinet, I had not thought of  Lazy Susan but I still decided to give it a try. I have put it inside the corner cabinet and it has really made the difference.

Initially, this space of the cabinet was unusable but now it is in full swing. I have crammed many items on it. The fact that the Lazy Susan rotates well means that I can access any item without struggling.

3.Light and Portable- Jenkison

The unit is quite light which means that I can put it anywhere. Despite being lightweight, it is very stable regardless of the items that I put on it. I have personally screwed it into my corner cabinet where it remains sturdy. It does not budge when rotating.

My Lazy Susan is also visually impressive.  Personally, I love laying my eyes on it every time I open the cabinet.

4.Maximize on the little space- Anne Drum

We were very limited in terms of space until we bought a Lazy Susan. Thanks to this product, we are able to store twice as much food!


Now that you have all the much-needed information about Lazy Susan, what next?

You can go ahead and buy the best Lazy Susan online.

With the information that we have given here, choosing the right Lazy Susan will be much easier.

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