The Easiest Way to Build Your Own Lazy Susan in Under an Hour

The Lazy Susan is a circular rotating tray placed at the top center part of a table which is used to conveniently move food around to give access to all the diners around the table. It is believed that the first written appearance of the Lazy Susan was through a Vanity Fair advertisement printed in 1917. The mechanism was described as “Revolving Server or Lazy Susan” which was manufactured by Ovington and was priced at $8.50. The Lazy Susan is a clever dining innovation which dates back as far as the 18th century in England where it was generally referred to as the dumbwaiter.  However, there are other versions of the history of the Lazy Susan which claims it as an American invention by Thomas Jefferson, named after his daughter Susan.  

There may be different versions of how the Lazy Susan came about but one that is definite is its purpose in the dining table. The Lazy Susan is quite popular in many Chinese restaurants and there are even variations of the rotating tray which can be used for cake decorating or as a spice rack. If you want to upgrade your dining table or simply devise a functional rotating device for the kitchen, then you can easily craft your own version of the Lazy Susan with just a few materials.

Here’s a quick guide on a DIY Lazy Susan which you can make in under an hour:

There are a few materials that you will need for your DIY Lazy Susan, but let’s start with the round wood. The size and type of wood would depend on your preference and purpose for the Lazy Susan. Use a small size of round wood if your Lazy Susan will serve as a spice rack and a larger piece of wood if you are going to set it in the dining table.

lazy susans

If you do not know which size or type of Lazy Susan board to use, then it is best to visit your local hardware store and ask recommendations from their staff. You will most likely find the rest of the needed materials in the store which can be very convenient. But if you have an old piece of wood which you can repurpose as a Lazy Susan, then by all means make use of the wood for your DIY project.

Here are the other materials or supplies needed:

  • Round wood
  • Lazy Susan metal bracket
  • 4 5/8” Nail tacks
  • 4 1 ½ Inch Screws
  • 8×8” piece of wood
  • 6×6” piece of wood
  • Drill ( 9/64th standard drill bit)

Reminder: The size of the Lazy Susan metal bracket may be different from the materials posted. Keep in mind that you need to adjust the size of the bottom pieces accordingly. If you are not too familiar with the sizes, please ask help from the hardware store.


  1. Place the 6×6 inch piece of wood on the smallest spinning part of the Lazy Susan bracket. Use the 4 tacks to secure the wood in the pre-made holes.
  2. Place the metal bracket on top of the 8×8 inch piece of wood and use a pencil to mark the screw holes. Do make sure to pre-drill the screw holes so that the wood will not split and the process will be a lot easier.
  3. Center the 8” piece of wood on the wooden circle board before attaching using the screws. Once you are sure with the placement, put the Lazy Susan on the top of the board. Secure all the pieces together using the 4 1 ½ screws and make sure that you fasten them properly.
  4. You can make adjustments in terms of the design of the Lazy Susan either by staining or painting over the wood.

Personalize your DIY Lazy Susan

As previously stated, the size of the Lazy Susan would depend on its purpose. But no matter the size, you can always personalize your Lazy Susan making it not just useful but also pleasing to the eyes. If you want a rustic looking Lazy Susan, then you can polished off the wood a bit or give it a new coat of paint that will fit with your theme. The whole process of crafting the Lazy Susan will take in an hour or less than that as long as you have all the materials ready. If you might need to paint or wax the boards, then you need to add in a few more minutes or hours for the whole process to be completed. Aside from painting or polishing the wood of the Lazy Susan, you can also have your initials etched or simply apply a decal on the center part.

Other Uses for the Lazy Susan

The modern versions of the Lazy Susan are not just for the dining tables but can be used for a variety of purposes such as provide a solution to your storage problems. Here are some unique ideas for your Lazy Susan:

  1. Keep all your baking supplies in one space which makes it easier for you keep track of the smaller items.
  2. Use a Lazy Susan on your fridge as a way to store your condiments and the like. It is now easier to grab whatever you need from the fridge even if the Lazy Susan is placed at the back part.
  3. Your DIY Lazy Susan can be very handy in your craft room where you can keep all your supplies minus the mess. The rotating table will also make it easier for you to grab what you need while working on your craft project.
  4. Store your cleaning supplies using the Lazy Susan and keep everything organized under the sink.
  5. You can now save space in your bathroom counter by using the Lazy Susan to store your hair products and skin care products.
  6. The DIY Lazy Susan can also be used to keep all your gardening tools and supplies in one place.
  7. Save space on your laundry room with the help of the Lazy Susan and keep things tidy and in place.  

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