What is lazy susan used for?

In the modern world, the use of lazy Susan products has been on the rise. Most people have realized how significant the products are in helping them keep their houses clean, well-organized, and utilize the available space.

Additionally, lazy Susan products enable you to access the product needed quickly and without bothering other individuals as you can access the item required by just spinning the lazy Susan turntable. Also, the availability of lazy Susan products in different fields has contributed to an increase in their use. For instance, the products can be used in the kitchen, restaurants, offices, and for hair products storage.  

Lazy Susan for kitchen use

When cooking, several items are required. For easy access of items required and maximization of the available space, the products need to be easily accessible. In the current world, you can achieve this by using different lazy Susan’s products designed for kitchen use. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are such as:

2 Tier lazy Susan turntable 360-degree lazy Susan organizer use for a spice organizer or kitchen cabinet organizers stain-resistant

The product is mostly used to store essentials spices, napkins, condiments, and food, among other things. It is made of durable stainless material with brush surface to prevent you from making fingerprints on it. Besides, this turntable can rotate for 360 degrees giving you and easy access to the product you need. It has 6” Height x 10” diameter which makes it easier for you to reach the product you need from any side. Besides, this turntable can help you organize crowded shelves. Although the tallest bottles may not fit in the bottom part, the top side can be used to store such.

Design Divided Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Container for Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry, Refrigerator, Countertop – BPA Free, Food Safe – Spinning Organizer for Kids/Toddlers – 5 Sections – Clear

If you are a busy mom in the kitchen, this is one of the lazy Susan cabinet products you need. It is divided into five sections, nicely sized to help you separate some essential items regularly used in the kitchen. In the corner cabinets where sometimes it’s hard for you to reach easily, this turntable is necessary since you only need to spin it and access the items in need. Subsequently, it helps you utilize both your storage space and time. Due to its size, it is easy to move and can fit approximately three supplement bottles.

Lazy Susan for restaurants

Effectiveness is vital for your business growth. Subsequently, lazy Susan restaurant products are designed in a unique way to help you improve on services offered in the restaurant and bar setting. If interested in such a business, the following products can help your services become customer friendly.

Makers Mark Bourbon Barrel Head Lazy Susan – Authentic Distillery Stamped – Used to age Makers Mark Bourbon (Lazy Susan, Makers Mark Distillery)

This turntable has a diameter of 21 inches, which allows it to accommodate several bottles and glasses. Besides, they contain ball bearings to give you a smooth spin that will enable you to access the item in need easily. Moreover, it is made of quality materials, thus making it highly durable.

  • Let Me Entertain You Lazy Susan – Sincerely, Sticks 18″D Lazy Susan-Handmade in the USA – Printed Product – Home Decor – Decorative Lazy Susan

The product is made from solid wood to ensure that it does not break when you place your wine, beer, or coffee on it. The painting in it makes it look attractive to the user. Its 18-inch diameter enables it to hold several wine bottles or coffee cups.

lazy susans

Lazy Susan for hair products

Unquestionable, bathroom cleanliness and neatness are essential. In most cases, some items such as hair products might make the place look untidy if not well organized. Consequently, on amazon, you can get the following products to assist you to keep your hair products well organized.

Design Spinning Two-Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Tray – Rotating Organizer for Bathroom Vanity Counter Tops, Dressing Tables, Makeup Stations, Dressers – 11.5″ Round – Clear 

The tray enables you to reach your items even when stored up high easily. It has a raised outer edge to ensure the hair products are stable while you spin the tray. Consequently, your bathroom remains neat and tidy since it helps you maximize available storage space. The turntable can smoothly rotate for 360 degrees due to the ball bearing in it. With its 11.5″ diameter x 2″ high, the raised middle part can hold up to 4 hairspray containers, while other items can be placed in the lower tier.

lazy susan for hair products

  • Design Plastic Spinning Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Tray – Rotating Organizer for Bathroom Vanity Counter Tops, Dressing Tables, Makeup Stations, Dressers – 11.5″ Round – White

This tray is essential to many individuals as it helps you keep your hair product well organized. Additionally, if you want to start selling makeup items, the item will be vital in helping you store your items. Due to its 360 degrees rotation, the tray helps you to find the item you are looking for easily. Besides, it being a plastic turntable, it is easier to wipe while cleaning.

lazy susan organizer

Lazy Susan for office items

An office should be well-organized for an efficient working environment. Therefore, for a pleasant working place, office product turntables are essential. Here are some of the popular office lazy Susan turntable products:  

Design Deep Plastic Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Container – Divided Spinning Organizer for Home Office Supplies, Pens, Erasers, Tape, Colored Pencils – 4 Pack – Clear

The revolving turntable helps you in minimizing your desk space as you can store office items such as pens, erasers, colored pencils, tapes, etc. It also enables you to organize your office and make it look presentable. The turntable allows you to find the desired pen easily due to its 360-degree rotation capability.

  • Design Deep Plastic Spinning Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Container for Desktop, Drawer, Closet – Rotating Organizer for Home Office Supplies, Erasers, Colored Pencils – 9″ Round, 4 Pack – Smoke Gray

This turntable is essential if you want to maximize your working space and make it well-organized and neat. It is made of durable plastic material, thus enabling it to sustain fairly heavy paint bottles, pens, and other office products. Also, it rotates easily hence allowing you to access the item you need more quickly.

lazy susan for desktop

In conclusion

what is lazy susan used forThe lazy Susan has played a vital role in ensuring that you organize your items used in different fields. Many people are already using the products in question in their kitchens, restaurants, beauty shops, bathrooms, and offices, among other places.

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