Who is Lazy Susan?

About Lazy Susan Story

Once upon a time, there was a housewife called Susan, who happened to have two kids. Now, as far as stories go, none of that is unique or even newsworthy. But alas, this particular housewife inspired a whole range of lazy Susan hardware products simply by being lazy. 

Yes, you read that right.

As far as the story goes, Susan was a sloth. She couldn’t be bothered to make any effort when it came to serving food at the dinner table. There was nothing like ‘please pass the salt please’ or ‘kindly pass the sugar.’ If a guest wanted something, he or she had to stretch out his hand and get it himself. As you can imagine, that was a recipe for awkward social situations. And her kids were no better; hence the birth of Lazy Susan.

Who is Lazy Susan?

Who is Lazy Susan? What can a lazy Susan be used for? Can you replace a lazy Susan? These are some of the commonly asked questions as far as lazy Susans are concerned. 

Well, a lazy Susan is basically a rotating platform, turntable, or tray that effectively cuts clutter by organizing and containing your supplies and ingredients. Instead of reaching in to get things from behind a cabinet, the lazy Susan allows you to casually rotate the turntable to bring your supplies to the forefront. This makes for a very organized home. It’s little wonder that lazy Susan is used for home improvement.

Types of Lazy Susan Materials

In today’s world, there are various styles of lazy Susan. You can find kidney shaped lazy Susan, D-shaped lazy Susan; pie cut lazy Susan and full round lazy Susan. Lazy Susan can also be made from various materials such as:

Wood Lazy Susan

Wooden lazy susans are known for their appealing textural look. They are typically made from maple or birch plywood, and they mesh well with wood interiors of cupboards and cabinets. For a nice looking, wooden lazy Susan, check out the Lipper International 1118 Acacia Wood 18″ Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable.

Wire lazy susan

Wire lazy susans hail from European designs. They are usually made from heavy gauge metal and are then covered with epoxy-coated paint to give that contemporary look that goes well with modern kitchen designs. 

Polymer lazy susan

Lazy Susan can be made from plastic or molded polymer. Such designs usually come with textured surfaces that work to provide that non-skid effect that keeps your supplies intact.

Glass lazy susan

Yes, your lazy Susan can be made of glass. Glass is appealing lazy Susan hardware simply because of its minimalistic look. It is stylish and suits wooden table tops. As such, you can keep your fruits and snacks on display. For a sleek, clear lazy susan, you can check out the mdesign 2 Tier Lazy Susan Turntable Food Storage.

Apart from shape and style, you can also find various sizes if lazy Susan to fit your organizing needs.

Where to put Lazy Susan?

The lazy Susan is a versatile tool in that you can place it on various surfaces. You can place a lazy Susan:

In the kitchen cabinet


Lazy Susan cabinets are a dime a dozen. This is because a lot of people find it quite messy to place various things in the kitchen cabinet haphazardly. Nobody wants to spend long minutes searching for something that can be found within seconds. You can place your baking tools, spices, and other supplies on a lazy Susan cabinet. For a well designed and practical lazy Susan, check out the Sagler 2 Tier lazy susan turntable 360-degree lazy susan organizer.

At the dining table

When you have family or friends over for dinner, you can put a lazy Susan to good use. You can place it at a convenient place, for example, at the center of the table, and place all the spices, sauces and condiments on it. This way, people can easily reach out to get what they want and return it to the lazy Susan for the next person to use.

Under the kitchen sink

lazy susan under the kitchen sink

Can lazy Susan be placed under the kitchen sink? Of course, it can! As you know, the area under your kitchen sink can turn into an endless dump if you’re not careful. But you can use Lazy Susan to organize your cleaning supplies and transform your kitchen. The best thing about doing this is that any spillage will be on the lazy Susan and not on your floor. This makes for easier cleaning. For one of the best lazy Susan, check out the mDesign Divided Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Container.

In the bathroom

The bathroom is another area that needs organization. A lot of people have simple shelves in their bathrooms that hold all other supplies. You can organize such supplies on your lazy susan to bring about a semblance of order. The good thing about doing this is that you’ll get rid of clutter because it will be easy to spot supplies that are finished or no longer needed. Thus, you won’t have to deal with things like empty toothpaste tubes and such things.

In the pantry

lazy susan in the pantry

Another area to place a lazy Susan is the pantry. You can separate your baking supplies, your cooking supplies, and your cabinets by having several lazy susans placed strategically inside your pantry. 

One of the lazy susans can have things like sweeteners, chocolate chips, baking powder, corn starch, and other baking supplies. The others can have things like sauces, oils, vinegar, and other cooking supplies. You can also have a lazy Susan that contains baking supplies such as baking soda, baking powder, and cream of tartar, among other goods. The idea is to group your supplies according to their usage. For a modern-looking, functional lazy susan, check out the Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable.

In conclusion

The lazy Susan is more than just a turntable. You can buy lazy susan on Amazon. It is an organizing tool that can be used in various areas around your home. So go ahead and think of ways to use a lazy Susan in your cabinets, cupboards, laundry room, garage, bathrooms, and other strategic areas.

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